The sacred place Rinchen Bumpa, the Vase of Jewel The sacred place called Rinchen Bumpa, the Vessel of Jewel, is a fascinating and charming place. It is very pleasing and mind-elevating place that makes ones hair stand on end at the instant one reaches the site. It is a place where the beings with karmic connection had attained accomplishment, a place where every beings pay homage and make offerings, and where sinful cleanse their defilement. Rinchen Bumpa, where Guru Rinpoche lived for three months, is located towards the west of Khen valley.The place was visited by Omniscient Longchenpa, Pedma Lingpa and was prophesized by great emanation RatnaLingpa.

The backdrop of the sacred site is akin to the glossy silk robe. The lower part of the site looks like a Tantric practitioner’s Hum Khung(a triangular-shaped fire-pit in which burnt offerings are made). The mountain at the right resembles the gingpo descending down the cliff. Towards the east lie Singye Dzong and Aja Lung to the south. Towards the west lie Choezang cave and Lha Chen Khari to the north. Towards the north-east lie LhamoKhar, Rolmoding to the south-eastand TajugThang to the north-east. Besides that, in the immediate vicinity, lie PemaTse to the east, Kham Phug to the south, Chittai Nyingpo in the west and Choegyel Lung to the north, PelsumPhug in the south-east, ChoedzongPhug to the south-west and MangdePhug towards the north-west. Trashichoeling lies in the east, BadingPhug in the south and Chung ZayPhug towards the north.

There is a white cliff bearing the shape of stupa,(choedten) and many facial image of wrathful and peaceful buddhas. There is a foot print of Yehsey Tshogyel and a possession of Moen Mo Tashi Khe-Doen and many other concealed treasures. A Lamp of Kalpa(aeon)is also there, a cave of Samten (meditation or concentration) and numbers of foot prints of Guru Rinpoche. There is Yeshey Tshogyel’s meditation cave called “point of a knife” and other meditation caves and caverns. The hill behind named “smile at sight” looks a lot like a heap of grain. Chagtshel Gang “a hill of prostration” and Lu len gang “a chanting hill” exist.

There is a place known to be a cremation ground, where, at the nightfall, all the eight classes of god and demon assemble. Vultures, carnivores in huge number gather. The river resounds “Hoo, Hung and Joo”. Eight classes of god and demon are said to be circumambulating. Hills and trees are bent towards it. As perceived by Terton Choeching Lingpa in a vision, there is the trident of Guru Padma Sambhava and the print of Kapala, the skull, the print of a fang of Ruta thrust downward. There are two foot prints of hero(pawo) and Dakini and many pleasurable display of spontaneously arisen images. Whoever makes feast offerings at this sacred site will attain the supreme taste of meditative stabilization. Whoever makes flower and incense offerings will obtain beautiful body figure and sweet odor. Whoever offers scented water and makes sacrificial offerings will be rewarded with decent retinue and wealth. Whoever offers songs and music will have voice as pleasant as the melody of Brahma. Whosoever renders service to this sacred site will enjoy the pleasure of the Lord of Immense Wealth(Zambala) for countless number of lifetimes.

One’s doubt of not taking rebirth in Ngayab Ling, the abode of Padma will be completely cut off. One will attain Buddha hood in one lifetime. If one dwells in this place, one will attain rainbow body. For those with faith, it is a place to seek a blessing of long life, wealth, fame, offspring, cattle and food and also a blessing of supreme and the common accomplishment.